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  How to check the sample room? What is the acceptance method of sample room?
  1. 檢查樣品間的帶子
  1. Check the tape between samples
  The bed that lives on the market sells, general dimension is 1.8 meters × 2 meters, but, between many examples, the space that reflects bedroom is capacious, often put the bed of insufficient dimension, if do not observe carefully, buy a house very easy to ignore. This leads to the purchase of a small room, bedroom space can not meet the normal needs of life. What's more, it's not only the bed, but also the wardrobe, table and curtain that are not large enough to create the illusion of large space.
  Tips: between the samples, take a ruler and look at the side size. Not only to measure the size of the bed and the size of daily furniture, but also to measure the gap between various functions, in-depth, compared with the actual data introduced by the buyer's consultant, so as to avoid being deceived by the illusion of "large space" and "enough".
  2. 把燈關掉看燈
  2. Turn off the light and look at it
  For example, in order to reflect its spacious, bright, a lot of time is all day, year-round lights, so easy to affect the buyer into the room lighting judgment. In real life, it is unrealistic to turn on the light. Although there are many kinds of lights in different colors and forms in the room, dressing up the room is very emotional. However, whether the light is blocked in the room after turning off the lights is a question that you must consider when buying a house.
  3. Inquire about the location of the pipeline
  Careful buyers will find that between the models, the main view is the pipeline. At present, gas is used in most residents' homes, and there are gas pipes in the kitchen, but in the model room, no matter the gas pipes in the kitchen or the pipes in the toilet, they can't be seen. However, you should know that these pipes will appear at the time of delivery.
  Editor's note: when observing examples, you must ask more questions and think more. If you can't see the pipes, you should know where the pipes are when you deliver the house. If you install and modify wiring, you should sacrifice some of the storage space and consider the space sacrificed. Comprehensive reference can more accurately estimate the practicability of future living space.
  4. Ask for specific criteria
  Nowadays, the fine decoration products in the market have become an indispensable part of the real estate market. In addition, hardcover products are gradually accepted by buyers, and become the trend of developers. When you see the refined decoration products in an example room, people who buy a house should pay more attention to them. Most of the refined decoration products in the example rooms do not allow the final standard after a room, and many of the refined decoration products also have the word "do not allow a room standard".
  Small editing support: when selling hardcover products, they will give a decoration standard and say that the decoration materials are "big brands", without decoration expertise, they cannot distinguish the decoration quality. At this time, the buyer should pay more attention to, small to the switch, faucet, big to the cabinet, floor, you need to query the model, price and brand, in order to avoid being deceived.
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